Dan Griffith

    Chief Executive


Dan started in aviation in 1981, moving into flight testing in 1991 and he holds an EASA Category One Flight Test Rating.  His regulatory experience started in 1996.  In the same year he started his own aviation consultancy business (supplying flight testing capability, aircraft management and aircraft sales), which has formed the basis for Flight Test Management LLP. Dan has been involved in pilot training since 1993 and is currently a training captain with a UK company and a Type Rating Instructor and Type Rating Examiner.  Dan started in the RAF, flying Harriers and then went to the USAF Test Pilot course at Edwards Air Force Base in the United States, before becoming a military test pilot. He then went on to become a Senior Certification Test Pilot, human factors expert and Programme Certification Manger with the UK CAA for nearly 12 years and has been the Chief Test pilot for the UK Light Aircraft Association (delegated regulator for light aircraft) since 2012.  Dan was a Europe Class A Test Pilot, flying all types for flight-test development, certification (on behalf of CAA/EASA/LAA) and continued airworthiness - main programmes: Airbus A380/A340/A330/A320, Dassault Falcon Jets (including EASy cockpit), Boeing 737 New Generation (all), Tupolev TU204, BAe 146, light business jets, and light aircraft including seaplanes (singles and twins). Has performed a significant number of simulator evaluations for JAA/EASA qualification. Consultant to UK Military and QinetiQ. He is a tutor on the UK CAA/LAA Test Pilot course.  Dan has many years' experience of running multi-million Euro businesses and leading large teams of experts to get a task done safely, quickly, efficiently and on budget.







    Sylvain Bernon

    Operations Manager


Sylvain has been involved in aviation since 2000 and has been involved with certification activities since 2007.  His flight testing activities started in 2012.  He has significant experience in Project Management and as a Compliance Engineer and has a strong background in the development of EASA flight test documentation.  His main projects have involved CS23 /CS25 / CS27 minor and major certifications programmes; development of procedures for EASA Approval of flight conditions and Permit to Fly Approval; operational risk analysis for special operations; unmanned aircraft certification (A NPA 16-2005, CAP 722); development of compliance checklists and CVE for Flight Manuals.  He has also been the Deputy Fleet Manager for a major supplier of FSTDs. Sylvain is a Synthetic Flight Instructor and Synthetic Flight Examiner.  He has wide experience in the running and certification/compliance of simulator facilities.  He was previously an Airline Pilot on various types.

Team of experts in flight test, training, management and auditing

Our Team of Experts are world leaders in their field, having significant experience in their related roles.  The majority of the Team have previously been employed by a National Airworthiness Authority in their respective specialization.  We consider the accumulative experience to be our biggest marketing feature.  Our Team bring over 510 years of aviation experience, with 230 years in flight test of which over 200 years has been in regulatory flight test.  They also have over 145 years of training experience of which over 24 years has been in regulatory certification of training devices.



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