Airbus A380 cold weather testing in Canada as part of the EASA Certification process. Maximum take-off weight 580,000 kg.


Flight Test Management LLP personnel have a long history of military and civilian test at all levels: from fast jet aircraft, through civilian light aircraft up to the biggest airliner - the Airbus A380!  We have test pilot specialists in helicopters, gyrocopters, gliders, un-inhabited air vehicles and airships!  We can project manage modifications, whole aircraft projects to continued airworthiness programmes.  Whatever your needs we can help.


Hawker 800XP simulation evaluation for EASA

      Flight Test Management LLP has the experience and people to deliver the quality you expect at a price you can afford, on time every time.

Flight Test Experience & Capabilities
  • Military testing of fast jet aircraft, helicopters and transport aircraft

  • Civilian Certification testing of all aircraft with the UK CAA/JAA & EASA

  • Providers of training courses to comply with proposed EU-OPS PART-SPO requirements for Maintenance Check Flights

  • Supply of Certification Verification Engineers for all flight test disciplines

  • First flights from home-build permit aircraft to major modifications

  • Un-inhabited Air Vehicle testing and simulation

  • Flight simulator commissioning pre-Authority evaluations

  • Programme management of prototype aircraft

  • Programme management of modifications to aircraft

  • Testing of aircraft after maintenance action

  • Development of the Human Machine Interface for aircraft and un-manned vehicles

  • Set up and management of continued airworthiness programmes

  • Flight testing of security or military modified aircraft

  • Float-plane testing and Certification

  • Risk assessment analysis and report production

  • Liaison and de-risking submissions to the relevant Certification Authority

  • For all your flight test, engineering test and airworthiness needs


    Flight testing a modified B727 in the oil-dispersent spray role

    Flight testing pyrotechnics on the wintips of a Tecnam P2006 for the UK Para-Olympics

    Twin Otter Float testing for EASA Validation of a USA Modification.

For any of your aviation needs just contact us at - let us do the running around so you can concentrate on enjoying the flying!



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