Airtesting the Bronco after a major restoration after hail damage.Flight Test Management LLP was specifically created to bring together the wealth of flight test, training, regulatory and other aviation expertise that existed in Europe but was not currently linked to EASA, a National Airworthiness Authority or other significant aviation institution.  This lack of linkage, potentially meant that their experience and expertise would be lost.  As the majority of these Experts were ex-regulators, it was decided to set the Company up to the standards of a Mini National Airworthiness Authority.  The intent is to have all the systems in place that would be expected of a good regulator, including a safety management system, a quality system, a risk management system and strong ethical policies to make us stand out from the crowd.

Although, Flight Test Management LLP is a relatively new company, its Accountable Managers have over 25 years of business expertise, in all areas of aviation from flight test to sales and training.  We have a sound financial background and backing that is more than capable of servicing any potential contract that we may win.

The Experts that form the Team behind the Company have over 510 years of aviation experience, with 230 years in flight test of which over 200 years has been in regulatory flight test.  They also have over 145 years of training experience of which over 24 years has been in regulatory certification of training devices.

The skill set of our Experts is unparalleled and includes Gyrocopter flight test, helicopter flight test and simulator qualification, Airship flight test, Seaplane flight test (jet, turboprop and piston), glider flight test as well as the standard CSVLA, CSVLR, CS23, CS25, CS27 and CS29 (including the FAR equivalents) flight test and training device qualification.  Our Experts also cover the major disciplines required for a regulatory team, including Programme Certification Managers, structures, powerplant, transmissions, landing gear, POA/DOA Auditing, continued airworthiness oversight and many more.

Flight Test Management LLP has been born with a very strong culture of regulatory discipline and procedures with clear oversight, safety, risk avoidance and quality mechanisms that have been designed to deliver a capability that will be dedicated to the task and very transparent in its operation.  There is a strong Conflict of Interest policy to protect the Company and our clients from any form of conflict while carrying out its tasks.  Similarly, strong ethical policies will reinforce the Company's desire to be a world leader in its class.  To obtain and then maintain the highest standards of procedural and management control, the Company is embarking on ISO9001:2008 qualification, which should be complete in the near future.

Flight Test Management LLP is confident that it can support any of our clients in any way necessary and can be a long-term partner that both sides can be proud of.  Everyone in the Company, is enthusiastic and very proactive, allowing us to grow the partnership in the best way possible to facilitate exceptional performance in all the tasks we might be given.  Our Team of Experts are capable, experienced and motivated to act in a highly professional way as would be expected of any aviation company.



For any of your aviation needs just contact us at - let us do the running around so you can concentrate on enjoying the flying!



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